Room Smart
(Room Only) The solution dedicated to those who love
the essentials but wants all the comforts
and for those who like to decide which services to include...
Room Classic
For those who never give up breakfast…
Because a good morning also starts with a nice slice of cake.
Room Superior
For those who love to pamper themselves
always ...
Room Executive
For those who don't want to miss anything...
Room Junior Suite
Luxury at your fingertips...
4 floors…

4 continents…

In an age where time plays a major role in our lives, we have a hypothetical time machine at your disposal, allowing you to experience the magic and excitement of different cultures in the blink of an eye.

EUROPE: The elegant and refined expression of classical European style
ASIA: The energy of color games, in search of that perfect balance
AFRICA: The charm of a warm and exotic land, characterised by a deep spirituality and an incredible vitality
• AMERICA: The feeling of being surrounded by New York’s skyscrapers

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