Early morning sleepy eyes reflected in the mirror and the mind already focused ahead on a busy workday. This is the beginning of the day for most of us, serial travellers accustomed to reading the newspaper with a cup of coffee.

It takes very little to step outside the boundaries.

Following the scent of freshly baked croissants or acknowledging the smile of those who wish us good morning. And suddenly finding ourselves catapulted before an inviting muffin or a delectable morning tart accompanied by a creamy and warm cappuccino.

We at the Amatì Design Hotel know that it is our responsibility to energise each and every one of our guests on a daily basis, with the largest possible selection.

This is precisely why every single morning our buffet offers a rich assortment of homemade cakes, plum cakes, delicious pancakes with maple syrup, fresh fruit and yogurt or fragrant loaves of bread to enjoy with hot scrambled eggs and slices of crispy bacon.

All perhaps accompanied by a refreshing freshly squeezed orange juice or a steaming hot chocolate. Because seeing a smile on our customers’ face is the prelude to a lasting memory.



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