Winter Garden

Reserving some space for yourself is sometimes more than a choice, it is a necessity.

This is the ideal place to enjoy a moment all to yourself, lost in your own thoughts looking out towards the pool or the park outside. Imagining the umbrellas open wide during the summer, offering protection from the warm rays of the sun, or a white blanket of snow reminiscent of a cabin in the mountains during the winter.

Outdoor park and swimming pool

Beyond the city.

The noise, the chaos, the traffic – common characteristics of a big city. It is not easy to break away from the pace that our busy lifestyle dictates.

With us, this is within your reach. And it will almost seem unreal. Once stepping inside, you will leave behind the motorways and will find yourself immersed in the Emilian hillside, lying back on sun loungers by the pool and almost forgetting that you are in Bologna.

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